Vinitaly International Academy to Illuminate the World of Italian Wine with Professor Attilio Scienza’s Expertise

In the picturesque city of Verona, from April 4th to 8th, 2024, the Vinitaly International Academy (VIA) is set to host an advanced seminar series that enthusiasts and professionals in the wine industry eagerly anticipate. This educational highlight will mark yet another chapter in VIA’s mission to spread the deep and rich culture of Italian wines across the globe. At the heart of this initiative, Professor Attilio Scienza, a renowned wine scientist, will lead two masterclasses focusing on pivotal themes that trace both the historical progression and future trajectory of Italian viticulture and winemaking.

Italy has been intrinsically linked with wine for millennia, with its roots entangled deeply in the soils of history, culture, and tradition. The first of Professor Scienza’s masterclasses, titled “Magna Graecia: Where It All Began,” promises to take participants back to the 8th century BC. This period marks the time when the ancient Greeks expanded westward, settling in Sicily and the southern parts of Italy — a turning point in the evolution of wine. The Greeks introduced critical oenological innovations and viticultural practices that decidedly influenced Italian wine production. Moreover, the masterclass will explore wine’s symbolic roles in social, religious, and mythological contexts, highlighting its importance in Dionysian mysticism.

The second masterclass, focusing on “Climate Change and Its Impact on Italian Wine Production,” aims to tackle one of the most pressing challenges faced by the wine industry today. Climate change, with its far-reaching effects, poses a significant threat to traditional winegrowing areas and grape variants. Professor Scienza will share his insights into how climate change is reshaping the landscapes of Italian vineyards, the adaptation strategies being employed, and the future of Italian wine in an era of environmental uncertainty.

These advanced seminars, led by Professor Scienza, are not just informative sessions but a testament to VIA’s commitment to fostering a comprehensive understanding of Italian wine. Stevie Kim, managing partner at Vinitaly and founder of VIA, emphasized the importance of Professor Scienza’s masterclasses as a cornerstone of the academy’s rigorous five-day curriculum designed to certify the next generation of Italian Wine Ambassadors. Kim’s vision for VIA is to establish a gold standard for Italian wine education globally, a goal that seems well within reach with experts like Professor Scienza at the helm.

The VIA, with its holistic approach to wine education, aims to create a cadre of well-informed Italian Wine Ambassadors. These ambassadors are expected to champion Italian wines on the world stage, narrating the rich tapestry of Italy’s viticultural story with authenticity and passion. Since its inception, VIA has certified 358 Italian Wine Ambassadors, 16 of whom have attained the level of Italian Wine Experts, showcasing the program’s success and global appeal.

In partnership with key Italian trade associations and led by luminaries such as Professor Scienza, VIA is not merely educating wine professionals; it is weaving a new narrative for Italian wine, rooted in tradition yet adaptive to the challenges of the present and future. The upcoming seminar series in Verona is a beacon for those passionate about Italian wine, offering unparalleled insights into its past, present, and future, directly from one of the world’s leading wine scientists.