In a significant move within the property technology landscape, VTS, a leader in real estate technology solutions, has announced the launch of a new platform called VTS Activate Multifamily. This tool is designed to enhance the residential living experience, streamlining site operations and facilitating better management of multifamily properties.

VTS, originally known for its groundbreaking work in commercial real estate technology, is expanding its reach into multifamily residential space following the successful launch of VTS Activate for commercial properties in May 2023 and the acquisition of Rise Buildings in 2021. The latter had already cemented its reputation in multifamily resident technology, providing a robust foundation for VTS’s latest venture.

The introduction of VTS Activate Multifamily has already made significant waves in the industry, as evidenced by its adoption by major residential players like Lendlease, Habitat, and Stonehenge. These companies have embraced VTS Activate as their resident experience mechanism across their portfolios, resulting in a substantial 400% growth in platform use. Currently, the platform supports over 250,000 residents across more than 500 buildings worldwide, positioning VTS Activate as the largest platform of its kind globally.

VTS Activate Multifamily is engineered to elevate the on-site experience, increasing resident satisfaction and improving operational efficiency. The platform covers an expansive range of functionalities including access control, work order management, guest registration, package handling, rent payments, amenity reservations, and resident communication, all accessible through a single integrated application. This connectivity not only simplifies the management processes but also enhances the living experience for residents.

Nick Romito, the CEO of VTS, articulated that the platform addresses the unique challenges multifamily owners and operators face in delivering top-tier experiences to residents. By equipping property teams with state-of-the-art tools through VTS Activate Multifamily, relationships with tenants are deepened, operational insights are sharpened, and revenue streams through renewals are secured—pivotal in today’s competitive market.

Warren Loy of Lendlease highlighted the instrumental role of VTS Activate in streamlining their operations to become more efficient and data-driven. By using the platform, Lendlease can ensure its actions align perfectly with the company’s strategy, particularly in strengthening renewals and resident satisfaction.

The platform’s sophisticated marketing capabilities stand out, allowing property management to create branded experiences across their estates. From arranging community events to providing personalized communication and promotions, these efforts foster a sense of community and maximise resident engagement.

As the multifamily housing market evolves, resident demands and the nature of resident interactions with their community spaces continue to change. Sam Clifford, Multifamily Lead at VTS, underscored the relevance of VTS Activate Multifamily in meeting these evolving demands through enhanced digital infrastructure and connectivity between residents and property management teams.

Since its foundation in 2013, VTS has been a transformative force in real estate technology, managing over 13 billion square feet of space globally through its platforms. The launch of VTS Activate Multifamily signifies not only an expansion of its offerings but also a commitment to bridging technology and user experience in residential real estate, aligning with modern living expectations and operator demands.