In an innovative step towards enhancing administrative efficiency and operational capabilities within the education sector, West Ada School District in Meridian, Idaho, has embarked on a transformative collaboration with Skyward, a leading provider of school administration software. This partnership aims to implement Skyward’s Qmlativ School Business Suite software across West Ada, the largest school district in Idaho, serving a remarkable community of over 40,000 students and 5,000 employees across 58 schools.

The selection of Qmlativ School Business Suite by West Ada School District marks a significant move towards revolutionizing its business and human resources operations. This enterprise resource planning (ERP) software promises to streamline processes and elevate the district’s operational efficiency to new heights, addressing the district’s strategic needs with its intuitive interface and enhanced flexibility.

Ray Ackerlund, President of Skyward, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, emphasizing the company’s commitment to empowering educational leaders with innovative solutions designed to meet the unique challenges of the sector. “We are thrilled to bring our leading-edge ERP solutions to West Ada School District,” Ackerlund stated, underscoring the anticipated benefits of this partnership in enhancing operational procedures within the district.

Jonathan Gillen, Chief Financial Officer at West Ada, highlighted the potential of Qmlativ to transform district operations, allowing them to better serve the West Ada community. “Qmlativ presents a myriad of options designed around increasing operational efficiency, and our team eagerly anticipates leveraging its capabilities,” Gillen remarked, signaling a forward-looking approach to administrative excellence.

This initiative underscores a broader commitment to excellence and innovation within the education sphere. By harnessing the capabilities of Qmlativ and its ERP system, West Ada School District aligns itself with a future-oriented vision, focusing on operational efficiency and effectiveness to better meet the needs of its students and staff.

The partnership also places West Ada School District alongside 44 other districts in Idaho that have already benefited from Skyward’s services, indicating a growing trend towards adopting advanced technological solutions in educational administration. With a go-live date set for July 2025, the district is on a path towards a significant transformation in its administrative landscape.

About West Ada School District: West Ada School District, the largest in Idaho, operates 58 public schools across Eagle, Star, Meridian, and western Boise. With a mission of “preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s challenges,” the district serves around 40,000 students and employs nearly 5,000 certified and classified staff, offering various distinctive programs spanning kindergarten through high school.

About Skyward: Established in 1980, Skyward has been at the forefront of developing advanced SIS and ERP solutions for the education sector. With a focus on saving time, connecting families, and empowering educational success, Skyward serves over 2,500 school districts, blending state-of-the-art technology with world-class support to meet the evolving needs of K-12 leaders.