In a dynamic gathering poised to forge the future of the aging sector, the What’s Next Longevity Venture Summit, now in its 21st year, is set to convene on June 11-12 at the Fairmont San Francisco. This premier event, sponsored by the AgeTech Collaborative™ from AARP®, will draw together a vibrant consortium of thought leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, and representatives from various organizations dedicated to shaping the burgeoning longevity market.

With a focus on “Net New: Investment, AI & Innovation in the Longevity Marketplace,” the summit reflects an evolving landscape where burgeoning demographic shifts are highlighting the economic and social potential of the aging population. A recent study estimated the longevity market at a staggering $9.5 trillion, underscoring its significance as a pivotal area of growth and innovation.

The longevity economy, characterized by the goods, services, and structures designed to serve the aging population, is not merely expanding—it is transforming as well. At the heart of this transformation are technological advancements, particularly in artificial intelligence (AI), that promise to redefine how aging populations interact with healthcare, financial services, and social networks.

The summit’s impressive lineup of speakers and sessions will delve into pivotal areas shaping the future of aging. Notably, Guy Kawasaki, renowned author and former chief evangelist of Apple, will deliver a keynote drawing from his latest work, “Think Remarkable: 9 Paths to Transform Your Life and Make a Difference.” Kawasaki’s insights are anticipated to galvanize participants by highlighting the intersection of innovation and meaningful impact.

In addition to spotlighting thought leadership, the summit is a crucible for actionable investment opportunities and strategic partnerships. Mary Furlong, founder and president of MFA and a pioneer in the longevity market, emphasized the summit’s unique role in spotlighting active investors and facilitating intimate networking opportunities that can lead to tangible deals and advancements in the sector.

Investment and innovation are also set to take center stage through pitch competitions and the prestigious John Hopper Impact Award. The competitions aim to unearth groundbreaking solutions in key areas such as aging in place, mobility, and housing innovation for the “forgotten middle.” Meanwhile, the John Hopper Impact Award, named after the late visionary and chief investment officer of the Ziegler Link-age Funds, will honor exceptional contributions to the field of aging technology and services.

As sponsors and participants gear up for this landmark event, the What’s Next Longevity Venture Summit stands as a testament to the collaborative effort required to navigate and harness the complexities of the aging market. By pooling knowledge, resources, and vision, the summit not only seeks to forecast what’s next in the longevity economy but to actively shape its unfolding trajectory.

For professionals, investors, and innovators eyeing the future of aging, the What’s Next Longevity Venture Summit represents an unparalleled opportunity for insight, engagement, and influence. As the summit approaches, anticipation builds for the partnerships, projects, and paradigms that will emerge from this fertile ground of collaboration—at the nexus of investment, AI, and innovation—dedicated to enriching the lives of the aging population.