Zebra Technologies Corporation, a renowned leader in digital solutions that facilitate intelligent connections between data, assets, and people, is set to introduce pioneering industrial automation technologies at Automate 2024. The event will take place from May 6-9 at McCormick Place in Chicago, with Zebra occupying Booth 1407.

The innovations are designed to boost manufacturers’ operational efficiency by enhancing visibility, optimizing quality, and augmenting the workforce within the realm of the connected factory. This move comes at a crucial time; according to the latest NAM Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey, more than 65% of manufacturers face significant hurdles in attracting and retaining labor, which exacerbates challenges in meeting growing consumer demands efficiently.

Andy Zosel, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Advanced Data Capture, Machine Vision, and Robotic Automation at Zebra Technologies, highlights that the company aims to ease the pressure on manufacturers by integrating advanced technology and automation to improve visibility and optimize operational quality.

Among the standout introductions at Automate 2024 will be the Zebra FS42 fixed industrial scanner and the Aurora™ Software Suite. The FS42 is tailored for high-demand tasks such as deep learning-based optical character recognition (OCR) and high-throughput scanning, featuring augmented onboard memory and a neural processing unit (NPU) for quicker and more sophisticated AI-based machine vision applications. The Aurora Software Suite offers solutions for various user levels, simplifying barcode reading and other inspection tasks like OCR and defect detection.

Expanding their offerings, Zebra will also unveil the 3S Series 3D sensors, utilizing patented parallel structured light technology. These sensors are capable of capturing high-resolution 3D images of both static and dynamic objects. The 3S40 and 3S80 models, specifically designed for different scanning ranges, will cater to a broad spectrum of industrial applications, ranging from item inspection to dynamic scene capture.

Further enhancing operational agility, the new Zebra Symmetry™ Fulfillment solution will also be demonstrated. This comprehensive system integrates autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), wearable technologies, and analytics to streamline workflows and boost productivity in picking operations, thereby driving down costs and enhancing operational efficiency.

Zebra’s executives, including Andy Zosel and Matthew Wicks, Vice President and General Manager of Robotics Automation, will also host discussions at the event. These sessions will address maximizing workforce efficiency through technological integrations and enhancing picking productivity with the combination of wearables and AMRs.

This focus on automation and smart technology underscores Zebra Technologies’ commitment to advancing industrial efficiency and operational visibility, a vital move as manufacturers worldwide continue to adapt to rapid changes and challenges within the industry. Visitors to Automate 2024 will have the opportunity to explore Zebra’s extensive portfolio of solutions, designed to empower frontline operations and ensure robust, agile manufacturing processes.