In a significant stride towards enhancing cryptocurrency education, 99Bitcoins, one of the pioneering platforms in the Bitcoin educative sector, announced an ambitious revamp of its website and a series of initiatives poised to transform how newcomers engage with cryptocurrency learning. Since its inception in 2013— a landmark year that also witnessed the launch of Coindesk— 99Bitcoins has established itself as a reputable source for bitcoin and broader cryptocurrency knowledge.

Under new management since March, the platform is not only refreshing its website but also diversifying its educational outreach. The expansion includes a greater emphasis on comprehensive news coverage and the integration of various social media channels to amplify its reach. This development indicates a significant investment in quality journalism and educational content creation, aiming to demystify cryptocurrencies for a global audience.

Central to 99Bitcoins’ mission is its straightforward instructional approach. The platform is famed for its Bitcoin Crash Course, which has already catered to over two million users and supports a robust YouTube following of 700,000 subscribers. With educational initiatives at its core, the new editorial team, led by recently appointed editor Sam Cooling, anticipates building on this legacy to further simplify the crypto complex for the everyday user.

More intriguingly, the expansion plans include the integration of a novel Learn-2-Earn incentivization model through the introduction of the $99BTC token. This initiative draws inspiration from the burgeoning sectors of Play-to-Earn and Move-to-Earn, which have collectively achieved a market valuation of $8.9 billion. By leveraging tokenization, 99Bitcoins aims to harness the educational engagement through its Ethereum-based $99BTC token, which is set to transition into a Bitcoin-based BRC-20 token. This approach could potentially redefine engagement by removing financial barriers for new entrants into the crypto world, providing tangible rewards for their learning progress.

The introduction of the Learn-2-Earn model by 99Bitcoins manifests a significant innovation in the crypto education landscape. This model not only promises to make learning about cryptocurrencies more rewarding but also serves as a real-world application of the very principles taught about digital currencies and blockchain technology.

Given the backdrop of concerns regarding misinformation and fraudulent activities within the cryptocurrency space, platforms like 99Bitcoins play a critical role. They offer a reliable and unbiased resource that can help navigate the complexities of cryptocurrencies, inviting more individuals to understand and potentially invest in this digital economy securely.

99Bitcoins started its journey as a resource on purchasing Bitcoins using PayPal, under the original domain After a legal notice from PayPal, the site rebranded to 99Bitcoins and gradually expanded its instructional base to cover a wide array of cryptocurrencies and related technologies, providing a rich resource for both newcomers and seasoned crypto enthusiasts.

As 99Bitcoins forges ahead with these significant enhancements to its platform, its contribution to the crypto education vertical is poised to set a higher benchmark for the industry, fostering a more informed and engaged community ready to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the cryptocurrency world.