In an era where collaboration and communication are key to corporate success, Secure Data Technologies, a leading Managed Service Provider based in St. Louis, has unveiled the next step in its innovative journey. The company has partnered with Cisco, a global leader in IT, networking, and cybersecurity solutions, to launch SecureCollab with Webex. This new service aims to transform how businesses communicate by integrating advanced calling, messaging, and meeting capabilities into one seamless application.

SecureCollab with Webex represents a significant development in digital communication tools, particularly at a time when the demand for versatile and secure collaboration platforms is higher than ever. As businesses continue to adapt to remote and hybrid working models, the need for reliable technology that supports effective teamwork across different locations has become paramount.

Dana Steffey, Founder and CEO of Secure Data Technologies, emphasized the launch as a reaffirmation of the company’s commitment to pushing the envelope in client experience. According to Steffey, SecureCollab is not just about enhancing the quality of communication but also about offering a comprehensive platform that addresses all the communicative needs of modern businesses.

Cisco’s involvement through its Webex technology promises a robust framework for SecureCollab. Webex is renowned for its high-quality video conferencing solutions, and this collaboration is expected to leverage Cisco’s technological prowess to deliver a top-notch user experience. Tony Lopresti, Senior Director of Product Management for Webex at Cisco, shared the enthusiasm for this partnership, noting that the integration of Webex will allow Secure Data Technologies’ clients to enjoy modern, flexible communications. He stressed that the all-in-one tool is designed to increase productivity and enhance security across any device and from any location.

Secure Data Technologies has been a significant player in providing technological solutions since its inception in 2008. The company offers a range of services aimed at optimizing business performance through technology. With this latest offering, Secure Data Technologies is not just expanding its service portfolio but also setting a new standard for managed service providers.

The launch of SecureCollab with Webex is poised to have a considerable impact on small to medium-sized businesses, a segment that often grapples with finding scalable and cost-effective communication solutions. By providing a fully managed collaboration solution, Secure Data Technologies and Cisco are filling a crucial gap in the market.

This partnership and product launch could potentially reshape the landscape of business communications, setting the stage for future innovations in how companies collaborate and succeed in an increasingly digital world.