In a significant stride within the realm of digital marketing and fraud prevention, BioCatch, the industry leader in behavioral biometric intelligence, and COMM, a cutting-edge, digital-first marketing agency, have announced a groundbreaking partnership that has seen a remarkable 63% increase in prospect engagement. This collaboration, leveraging the sophisticated Account-Based Experience (ABX) strategy powered by the 6sense platform, has notably enhanced BioCatch’s customer acquisition efforts, especially with major banks around the globe.

Before this strategic alliance, BioCatch found it challenging to efficiently target its desired audience, resulting in unqualified leads and, by extension, ineffective marketing strategies. This scenario took a positive turn when BioCatch tapped into COMM’s deep-seated expertise and the 6sense platform to overhaul its marketing strategy. By emphasizing account intelligence, revenue marketing, market signals, and intent data, BioCatch sharpened its focus on identifying Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs). This approach allowed for a more targeted, conversational communication that aligns with potential customers’ needs, significantly boosting engagement levels and active pipeline stages via a pilot campaign.

Jonathan W. Daly, the Chief Marketing Officer at BioCatch, shared his enthusiasm for the collaboration, noting the partnership with COMM as a pivotal moment that propelled their marketing efforts to “new heights.” Daly highlighted COMM’s role goes beyond that of an agency — it’s a partner driving customer-centric global communications, branding, and educational campaigns. The strategic campaign not only refined BioCatch’s targeting and messaging but also laid the groundwork for driving customer development and community growth.

COMM’s approach showcases a blend of One-to-One and One-to-Few marketing strategies. By developing tailored campaigns and creating compelling creative assets customized for each target company, COMM ensured consistent engagement with key personas across target accounts. This meticulous planning and strategic execution underscore a robust framework for measurement and reporting, mapping a clear trajectory of the campaign’s substantial impact on propelling accounts from initial awareness to advanced pipeline stages.

6sense’s Head of Partnerships, Elliot Smith, lauded the BioCatch campaign for exemplifying the potency of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) enriched by predictive AI and intent scoring. Smith emphasises that 6sense is setting new benchmarks for go-to-market strategies, pointing to this campaign as a testament to ABM’s critical role in driving targeted pipeline growth.

BioCatch stands at the cutting edge of digital fraud detection, leveraging behavioral biometric intelligence based on advanced cognitive science and machine learning. It provides unparalleled digital banking environments where identity, trust, and ease converge. Today, BioCatch’s innovative solutions serve more than 30 of the globe’s largest 100 banks and over 180 of the biggest 500, offering robust support against fraud, facilitating digital transformation, and nurturing customer relationships.

COMM, rebranded from CommCreative, situates itself as a powerhouse in the realm of digital strategy, demand generation, account-based marketing, and technology solutions. Based in Boston, COMM has cemented its stature as part of a purpose-built platform that amalgamates strategic planning, marketing, and communications capabilities, all underpinned by data science and marketing technology. This collaboration between BioCatch, COMM, and 6sense marks a significant evolution in digital marketing strategies, setting a new standard for customer engagement and acquisition in the digital age.