In what is shaping up to be an insightful gathering of minds in the field of artificial intelligence and enterprise technology, Moveworks has announced an impressive initial lineup of speakers for its 2024 conference. Scheduled for April 23, 2024, the event marks a significant moment for professionals across various industries, offering a unique opportunity to explore the potential and practical applications of generative AI within the business landscape.

The conference will be held in both virtual and in-person formats, accommodating a global audience at the Signia Hotel by Hilton in San Jose, CA. This strategic choice of venue and format underscores the importance of accessibility and inclusivity, ensuring that interested parties from around the world can partake in the discussions and learnings on offer.

Among the announced speakers are high-caliber executives from some of the world’s most recognized companies, including Arvind KC, Chief People and Systems Officer at Roblox; Katy Brown, Corporate Vice President of Enterprise Sales at Microsoft; Kyle Daigle, COO at GitHub; and Malabika Mukherjee, Architect of Automation and Touchless at AkzoNobel. Their participation highlights the conference’s appeal and its significance as a platform for sharing insights and strategies on the implementation and impact of generative AI in the enterprise sector.

Moveworks, renowned for its pioneering AI copilot platform for enterprises, is at the forefront of leveraging generative AI to transform how businesses operate. By enabling natural language interactions across all business systems, Moveworks empowers organizations to automate tasks, enhance the employee experience, and drive rapid business transformation. Its innovative approach has garnered attention and investment, making it a leader in the enterprise AI space.

The 2024 conference affords participants the chance to hear directly from industry leaders on the forefront of implementing generative AI technologies. These discussions are not just theoretical; they are grounded in the practical realities and successes of integrating AI into daily business operations. From improving L1 support to accelerating overall business transformation, the applications are both varied and impactful.

Moveworks CEO and founder, Bhavin Shah, is set to kick off the event with a live opening keynote, during which he will share the company’s vision for its enterprise-wide copilot and the transformative potential of search and actions with generative AI. This session, among others, promises to deliver valuable insights into the evolving role of AI in business and how companies can navigate and leverage these advancements.

The announcement of 2024 and its initial lineup of speakers marks a pivotal moment for professionals eager to delve deeper into the world of AI and its application within the enterprise sector. As companies such as Databricks, Broadcom, Hearst, and Toyota North America have experienced, the integration of Moveworks’ AI technology can catalyze significant enhancements in operational efficiency and innovation.

Registration for the conference is now open, offering an invaluable opportunity for business leaders, developers, and IT professionals to be at the forefront of the generative AI revolution within the enterprise. For those looking to stay ahead in an increasingly AI-driven business environment, 2024 is a must-attend event.

For more information and to register for the event, interested parties can visit the official website.