In a landmark move for the eCommerce sector, Bolt, a front-runner in checkout technology, has joined forces with, a powerhouse in global payment solutions. This partnership, announced on March 18, 2024, marks a significant step towards enhancing online shopping experiences, promising to expedite the checkout process and increase conversion rates for eCommerce merchants.

At the heart of this collaboration lies a mutual dedication to redefining the eCommerce landscape. Through this partnership, Bolt will now serve as’s exclusive provider for one-click checkout solutions, while will take on the role of Bolt’s preferred payment partner.

This relationship is not just about branding or market share; it’s poised to deliver tangible benefits to the broader eCommerce ecosystem. For, the union expands its footprint in the sector, harnessing Bolt’s expansive shopper network—which boasts over 80 million US shoppers—and growing merchant base to boost its merchant’s conversion performance significantly. By integrating Bolt’s seamless one-click checkout solution, aims to offer enterprise retailers an unparalleled checkout experience that not only streamlines transactions but also drives customer satisfaction and loyalty.

On the flip side, Bolt is set to enrich its payment array for both new and existing merchants by incorporating’s robust payment processing capabilities. This integration marries the best of both worlds—Bolt’s merchant-centric, payment-agnostic checkout technology with’s high-performance payment infrastructure. The result is a dynamic offering that gives retailers unmatched flexibility in payment processing, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction process for shoppers.

The enthusiasm for this collaboration is palpable from both parties. Bolt’s CEO, Maju Kuruvilla, expressed excitement over the integration, emphasizing the benefits to merchants in delivering an enhanced shopper experience and higher conversion rates. Similarly, Jim Cho,’s Head of Commercial for North America, underscored the synergy between accelerated checkout experiences and’s innovative payments solutions. Together, they aim to dismantle friction points within the checkout process, elevating both merchant performance and customer satisfaction.

Bolt’s distinction in the field comes from its promise of best-in-class customer conversion, backed by secure one-click checkout that has already captivated leading brands like Saks OFF 5TH and Revolve. Meanwhile,, headquartered in London, has carved out its domain in transforming payments into a significant revenue source for enterprises, supporting renowned global brands such as Sony and GE HealthCare.

As the digital shopping arena becomes ever more competitive, the partnership between Bolt and heralds a renewed emphasis on improving the end-to-end shopping journey. By focusing on efficiency, security, and user experience, this collaboration not only sets a new benchmark for eCommerce solutions but also signals a promising direction for the future of online retail. In a landscape where customer expectations are continually evolving, such innovations are not just welcome; they are essential.