In a significant move marking its evolution and expansion, has emerged from its predecessor,, embodying a new identity while introducing a groundbreaking digital tool—the Top 10,000 Public Companies Market Cap Index. This development reflects the platform’s broader vision of integrating cutting-edge technologies such as AI and blockchain to bolster the digital capabilities of businesses globally, particularly SMEs which form the backbone of the global economy.

Based in London and New Delhi, operates under the umbrella of the ztudium Group, renowned for its dedication to pioneering innovations in Industry 4IR, Web3.0, AI, Metaverse, and Blockchain. The platform’s rebranding and the launch of the new index underscore its commitment to providing businesses, organisations, and professionals with robust digital transformation tools and services, thus enabling them to keep pace with the rapidly changing technological landscape.

The significance of SMEs in the global economy cannot be overstated. As the primary source of job creation worldwide, SMEs represent over 95% of all businesses and account for 60-70% of employment. However, the digital divide remains a daunting challenge, with approximately 90% of these enterprises lacking a basic online presence or financial support for digital migration. aims to bridge this gap by offering access to business networks, governmental bodies, technological ecosystems, leading academic institutions, and international organisations.

One of the platform’s key features is the professional and corporate digital IDs or ‘PCDIs’, which leverage blockchain technology to offer a decentralised and owner-operated set of digital identifiers for businesses. This not only facilitates access to a range of transactional services but also establishes a foundation of trust and identity within a business’s network.

The newly unveiled Top 10,000 Public Companies Market Cap Index represents a major stride towards providing businesses with the intelligence and insights needed to navigate the financial landscape effectively. With tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, and Google leading the pack, the index offers a comprehensive overview of market capitalisations, highlighting the performance and standing of leading public companies across various industries.

Furthermore, the platform’s collaboration with prestigious organisations such as the University of Oxford, the EU AI Alliance, and the United Nations Global Impact illustrates its global reach and the Trusted Ecosystem it is building.

For businesses seeking to gain visibility, strategic support, and leverage blockchain smart contract verified certifications, offers a multifaceted approach. The platform’s subscription benefits include VIP business coaching, education solutions, and access to trade finance network solutions with partners like Mastercard.

In essence,’s rebranding and the introduction of the Top 10,000 Public Companies Market Cap Index are poised to empower SMEs and large corporations alike. By facilitating digital transformation and offering valuable market insights, is setting a new benchmark in supporting businesses to adapt, innovate, and lead in the digital era.