In a significant move aiming to tackle the increasingly pressing issues of social isolation and loneliness, CaringBridge, a recognized leader in providing support and creating connections within the caregiving community, has become a Steering Committee Member of the Coalition to End Social Isolation and Loneliness (CESIL). This partnership emerges against the backdrop of a society grappling with the silent epidemic of disconnection, a problem that has profound implications on mental and physical health.

CaringBridge, a no-cost, non-profit health platform, has stood at the forefront of addressing challenges faced by family caregivers, offering them valuable tools to share their journey, coordinate care, and connect with a supportive community. Founded in 1997, it has grown into a vital network where emotional health and social connectedness are nurtured, helping people unite in support of healing. With an emphasis on alleviating feelings of overwhelm, isolation, and loneliness, CaringBridge has effectively used technology to bring people together in times of health crises.

The partnership with CESIL marks a critical step forward in the advocacy and action required to combat social isolation and loneliness on a national scale. It acknowledges the pivotal role family caregivers play—not only in the healthcare system, where they provide the majority of long-term care in the United States, but also in the fabric of society, often at great personal cost. The CEO of CaringBridge, Tia Newcomer, emphasized the urgent need to address the isolation and loneliness among the staggering 53 million family caregivers in the U.S., highlighting the growing demand for support as the population continues to age.

CESIL, since its inception in 2018, has championed the cause of creating a socially connected nation, working towards legislative and regulatory changes to mitigate the adverse effects of social isolation and loneliness. With over 50 influential bodies—including consumer groups, health plans, and behavioural health groups—under its wing, CESIL has been instrumental in driving research, public awareness, and advocacy efforts to foster social engagement and connectedness.

Jillian Racoosin Kornmeier, MPH, the Executive Director of CESIL, expressed enthusiasm over CaringBridge joining the coalition. She underscored the value caregivers bring to healthcare and acknowledged the heightened risk of social isolation they face, reinforcing the coalition’s commitment to supporting their well-being through this collaborative endeavour.

The alliance between CaringBridge and CESIL comes at a critical juncture. Amidst the societal shift towards increased digitization and the lingering effects of the global pandemic, the issues of social isolation and loneliness have been catapulted into the spotlight, revealing a deep-seated need for community and connection. By pooling their resources, expertise, and vast networks, these organizations embark on a united front to address a challenge that is as complex as it is critical, with the hope of reshaping the social landscape for the betterment of all.