In a significant declaration underscoring the vibrant growth and innovation sweeping across the financial landscape of the Americas, GT Securities, Inc., a leading investment banking platform headquartered in Los Angeles, has been honoured with a place on the Financial Times 2024 List of The Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies. This recognition, conferred in collaboration with Statista Inc., a globally renowned statistics portal and industry ranking provider, not only underscores the dynamism within the financial sector but also highlights GT Securities’ influential role in shaping its future trajectories.

Established to identify and celebrate organizations demonstrating remarkable revenue growth between 2019 and 2022, this accolade reflects the robustness and resilience of companies in navigating and capitalizing upon the opportunities and challenges presented in a rapidly evolving economic landscape. The selection process for this prestigious list involved an exhaustive four-step methodology that rigorously assessed the performance and credentials of over a thousand companies across the Americas. These steps spanned from an initial application phase, inviting participation from more than 30,000 eligible companies, through to a comprehensive research phase and evaluation phase, culminating in the final ranking of the top 500 entities based on their compound annual growth rate.

GT Securities, under the stewardship of Mr. Jay Turo, Managing Director, has carved a distinctive niche within the financial domain by pioneering a full-service investment banking platform. This platform adeptly serves Independent Investment Bankers, M&A Advisors, and both global and domestic Institutional Financiers, facilitating an array of transactions including equity and debt capital raisings (both primary and secondary), business sale and acquisition undertakings (M&A), along with sell and buy-side advisories. The platform’s impressive track record, boasting over 350 transactions with an aggregate deal value exceeding $6 billion, stands as a testament to GT Securities’ commitment to excellence and innovation.

Mr. Turo expressed immense pride and gratitude for the recognition, attributing it to the dedication, expertise, and forward-thinking approach of the GT Securities team. Their collective endeavour to continually push the boundaries of what is possible within the financial sector, alongside a steadfast commitment to serving the needs of independent investment bankers and their clientele, has indubitably paved the way for this accolade.

As a member of FINRA and SIPC, GT Securities not only assures a high standard of regulatory compliance and client protection but also exemplifies the potential and the promise of leveraging technology and innovative service models to redefine the contours of investment banking. This accolade from the Financial Times and Statista Inc. not only elevates GT Securities’ standing within the financial community but also serves as a beacon, encouraging ongoing innovation and excellence within the sector.

This recognition not only celebrates the achievements of GT Securities but also shines a spotlight on the broader trends of growth and innovation within the Americas’ financial sector. As the industry continues to evolve in response to shifting economic dynamics, technological advancements, and changing client needs, GT Securities’ acknowledgment on this distinguished list heralds a promising outlook for the future of finance, underpinning the company’s role at the forefront of this transformative journey.