In a groundbreaking move for the cruise industry, Jan Swartz, Executive Vice President of Strategic Operations at Carnival Corporation & plc, has been appointed to join Champions 12.3, an esteemed international coalition committed to halting food loss and waste globally. This prestigious nomination marks Swartz as the first representative from the cruise sector to be associated with the initiative, underscoring the significant strides Carnival Corporation has made in sustainable food management practices.

Champions 12.3 is a collaborative effort that brings together leaders from government, business, and civil society to propel progress towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal Target 12.3. This ambitious target aims to halve global food waste and reduce food losses along production and supply chains by 2030. The coalition’s name itself is a nod to this goal, symbolizing the united front of leaders rallying towards the cause.

Swartz’s inclusion in this distinguished group is not only a testament to her leadership but also reflects the innovative strategies Carnival Corporation has implemented to mitigate food wastage. The corporation, known as the largest cruise company worldwide, has already achieved a remarkable 38% reduction in food waste per passenger against its 2019 figures. This progress aligns with its broader sustainability goals to decrease food waste by 50% per individual by the year 2030—a target that now seems well within reach.

Carnival Corporation’s commitment to reducing food waste extends beyond internal practices. For instance, its Italian cruise line, Costa Cruises, has actively participated in the Friends of Champions 12.3 network since 2018, collaborating with local food banks in Italy and France to donate unserved, fully prepared food from their ships to feed local communities. This initiative alone has contributed over 300,000 servings of food since 2017, showcasing the tangible impact of these efforts.

The corporation’s strategy to minimize food waste involves meticulous planning and innovation. Culinary teams across its fleet are dedicated to tracking dining trends to better align food preparation quantities with consumption, thereby reducing excess. Additionally, education plays a crucial role, with guests and crew members alike being informed about the importance of minimizing food wastage. Moreover, the creation of thoughtful recipes ensures the optimal use of every ingredient, embodying the company’s commitment to sustainability at every step of the food preparation process.

With Swartz at the helm, representing the cruise industry within Champions 12.3, Carnival Corporation is poised to share its valuable insights and best practices on a global platform. This collaborative approach is pivotal to fostering a more sustainable future, with the cruise industry playing a crucial role in addressing the worldwide challenge of food waste reduction.

Carnival Corporation & plc’s investment in pioneering food loss reduction practices not only cements its position as an industry leader but also highlights the broader importance of sustainability within the leisure and travel sector. As the company continues to innovate and share its successes, it sets a benchmark for others in the industry to follow, paving the way towards a more sustainable and waste-free world.