In a notable development for the business-to-business (B2B) sector, Clari and Deloitte Digital have announced the inception of a new strategic alliance designed to address a pressing issue faced by many companies: revenue leakage. This collaboration aims to bring precision to revenue operations by integrating Clari’s sophisticated AI-powered Revenue Platform with Deloitte Digital’s renowned expertise in sales excellence.

Revenue leakage, a challenge resulting in significant financial losses for companies, occurs when earned revenue fails to be captured. According to research by Clari Labs, companies face an average revenue loss of 14.9% annually due to various factors such as deal slippage, missed upselling or cross-selling opportunities, customer churn, and inefficiencies driven by manual processes or poor data management.

Addressing this issue, Clari’s Global VP of Ecosystem and Alliances, R.J. Filipski, emphasized the critical need for an advanced, integrated approach capable of harnessing every revenue opportunity. The strategic alliance plans to refine the platforms and playbooks across B2B industries, potentially setting new standards for how revenue is managed and optimized.

Deloitte Digital, recognized for enhancing sales strategies through its Sales Transformation services, brings a robust approach focused on a buyer- and experience-first strategy. By optimizing operations and maintaining trust across all aspects of business—brand, people, products, data, and results—Deloitte stands to propel companies towards achieving unmatched revenue prowess.

Paul Vinogradov, Principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP and Deloitte Digital, noted the importance of mastering every revenue moment in today’s competitive market. He stated that the combined expertise of Clari’s technical solutions and Deloitte’s process know-how provides a unique opportunity to transform B2B sales environments.

The tools and frameworks developed through this alliance, such as the Revenue Cadences system proposed by Clari, aim to instill consistent, predictable operational processes. These processes are expected to not only capture missed revenue opportunities but also enhance the productivity of teams through automation, leading to quicker conversions and closing of deals.

Evidently, Clari’s prowess in revenue management is well acknowledged, as demonstrated by its inclusion in the 2023 Deloitte Technology Fast 500. This prestigious ranking highlights North America’s fastest-growing technology and media enterprises. The accolade serves as a testament to Clari’s influential role in optimizing revenue operations for notable clients like Okta, Adobe, and Zoom.

Clari and Deloitte’s initiative presages a transformative phase in revenue operations, particularly for organizations striving to seal revenue leaks and amplify earnings. This strategic alliance appears set not only to redefine revenue management practices but also to propel companies towards greater profitability and operational efficiency using leading-edge AI technology and expert consultancy services.