In an era where cyber threats are increasingly sophisticated and pervasive, the need for advanced cyber resilience solutions has never been more critical, particularly for government entities that handle sensitive public data. Rubrik, a leader in Zero Trust Data Security™, has introduced an important expansion to its security capabilities, Rubrik Threat Hunting, now integrated into the Rubrik Security Cloud – Government.

Rubrik Threat Hunting is designed to accelerate the recovery from cyberattacks such as ransomware by empowering institutions to understand and pinpoint the initial point, scope, and time of infection. This kind of insight is crucial because it allows organizations to avoid the potential risks of reintroducing malware into their system during the recovery process. As data sprawl continues across various platforms like SaaS, cloud, and on-premises, identifying these details quickly and accurately becomes a formidable challenge for any institution.

The relevance of this development is underscored by findings from the latest Rubrik Zero Labs State of Data Security report, which highlights that 66% of IT and security leaders believe the growth of organizational data is outpacing their ability to secure and manage it effectively. This scenario can significantly delay the identification of a cyberattack’s chronology, prolonging the overall response and recovery time.

Rubrik’s enhancements go beyond mere threat identification. The integration allows government users to scan their backups for indicators of compromise, including traces of ransomware, thereby facilitating the identification of uncorrupted data sets. This capability is essential for ensuring that the data restoration process does not inadvertently perpetuate the attack cycle.

Further bolstering its offerings, Rubrik has announced several other enhancements to the Security Cloud – Government. These include the advanced Data Threat Analytics tools which now feature VM encryption detection and anomaly detection for new workloads like Nutanix AHV and Microsoft Hyper-V. These tools are engineered to notify administrators of potential threats more swiftly, hence potentially reducing the ‘blast radius’ of any attack.

On the data protection front, the addition of features like quorum authorization and more granular control over password complexities are pivotal. These enhancements align with the guidelines from The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) that advocate for stringent controls as part of a comprehensive Incident Recovery Plan Execution.

Protection of new workloads has also been addressed with capabilities extending to IBM Db2 protection and Microsoft Active Directory, ensuring robust recovery options are uniformly available across a range of critical data sets and applications.

These developments are particularly significant for public sector organizations which are often targeted by cyberattacks due to the valuable data they hold. The StateRAMP™ certification and an “In Process” FedRAMP® status further validate the robustness of Rubrik’s solutions in meeting stringent compliance requirements.

Rubrik’s commitment to securing data is further evidenced by its adoption across numerous governmental and educational institutions in the United States, demonstrating a trusted track record in providing cyber resilience.

As cybersecurity threats evolve, the integration of advanced tools like Rubrik Threat Hunting into the Rubrik Security Cloud – Government not only enhances the security posture of these crucial institutions but also supports their ongoing mission to protect public data against a backdrop of increasing cyber threats. This ability to rapidly recover and restore systems confidently is a crucial aspect of national and educational institutions’ cyber strategies.