The French Red Cross, recognizing the escalating demands of data management in humanitarian efforts, has made a significant move by partnering with Cohesity, a pioneer in AI-driven data security and management. This collaboration aims to enhance the efficiency and security of the French Red Cross’s data handling practices.

The French Red Cross is tasked with managing a remarkably vast and sensitive pool of data. The organization employs over 16,000 staff and 66,000 volunteers across various sectors, including medical, emergency response, and administrative operations, to offer aid and support to people in need. These operations necessitate the handling of over 120 terabytes of varied data ranging from medical records and emergency operation details to payroll and other administrative information.

The data handling needs of such an extensive operation are massive and multifaceted. This is where Cohesity steps in, providing modernized data management solutions to secure and manage this critical data efficiently. Since 2019, under the guidance of Yves Couturier, head of information system production at the French Red Cross, the organization has engaged Cohesity to overhaul its data systems, leading to a more streamlined and secure data management framework.

Cohesity’s DataProtect and Data Cloud solutions are key components of this upgrade. These solutions ensure the encryption, storage, and protection of all data across the board. Notably, the data management strategy has achieved a 100% success rate in backup operations and maintains a 95% autonomy in its system operations.

Transitioning to these advanced systems has allowed the French Red Cross to significantly reduce backup times, freeing the IT staff to concentrate on other critical initiatives that add value to their humanitarian and administrative efforts. Olivier Geremy, the French Red Cross’s head of security architecture strategy, highlights the strategic long-term goal to transition more operations into the cloud, facilitated by Cohesity’s flexible and secure data management framework.

The shift to sophisticated, AI-powered data management is not just a technical upgrade but a strategic enhancement to protect the organization against data-related risks, including ransomware and data theft, which are growing concerns for global entities today. Cohesity didn’t only provide solutions but also ensured that these solutions are sustainable, matching the dynamic needs of the French Red Cross.

The implications of this collaboration go beyond just improved data handling. Enhanced data management capabilities mean that the French Red Cross can respond more promptly and effectively in crisis situations, manage resources better, and uphold the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information. In doing so, it reinforces the trust and reliability placed in them by their various stakeholders, including state, departmental, and European partners, as well as private investors and beneficiaries.

Cohesity, headquartered in San Jose, California, continues to be a trusted partner for numerous large-scale enterprises and organizations around the world. Its endeavor with the French Red Cross serves as a sterling example of how technology and humanitarian efforts can converge to create impactful, positive outcomes in society.