Skydweller Aero Inc., an innovative aerospace company known for its development of large-scale solar-powered aircraft, has announced the appointment of industry stalwart Barry A. Matsumori as its new President and Chief Operating Officer. This strategic addition signals a significant move for the Oklahoma City-based firm as it steers toward enhancing its operational capabilities and expanding its market reach.

Barry Matsumori brings a wealth of experience, having held significant positions at major space and telecommunications companies including SpaceX, Impulse Space, and Virgin Orbit. His illustrious career also includes his time at Qualcomm and as CEO of BridgeComm, Inc., underlining his deep-rooted expertise in both aerospace and telecom sectors. Notably, Matsumori’s innovative work is recognized in over 25 patents, showcasing his contributions to advancements in telecommunications and space technologies.

Skydweller Aero stands out in the aerospace industry for its pioneering work in developing autonomous, solar-powered aircrafts, known as Skydwellers. These aircraft boast impressive features including wingspans rivaling a Boeing 747 and the capability for perpetual flight—remaining airborne for periods up to or exceeding 90 days. These uncrewed aerial vehicles operate at altitudes up to 45,000 feet and are designed to leave zero carbon footprints, marking a significant step towards sustainable aviation technologies.

The company’s aircraft are tailored to offer versatile solutions across various sectors. In the realm of aerospace, Skydwellers provide continuous aerial coverage suitable for applications ranging from surveillance in conflict zones and naval activity in contested waters, to wildlife migration tracking in Africa. In replacing traditional satellites in certain non-terrestrial telecommunications missions, these aircraft offer a more cost-effective, higher resolution alternative for Earth observation and telecommunication services, delivering enhanced connectivity especially in remote and maritime environments.

The potential of Skydweller Aero’s technology extends into critical global applications including geospatial analysis, meteorological research, and emergency operations, facilitating more persistent and long-duration missions. These capabilities are poised to revolutionize how telecommunications and surveillance services are delivered, providing both commercial and government clients with a powerful tool to tackle challenging operational environments while also reducing environmental impacts.

Under Matsumori’s leadership, Skydweller Aero aims to leverage its advanced technology to redefine the landscape of aerospace and telecommunications infrastructure. His expertise is expected to drive the company’s next phase of growth and innovation, focusing on delivering scalable, cost-effective, and ecologically sustainable aerial solutions.

Skydweller Aero has established a robust presence with headquarters in the United States and additional offices in Spain, emphasizing its transatlantic operational scope and commitment to addressing the global market’s burgeoning needs.

With Matsumori at the helm of operations, Skydweller Aero is set to enhance its contribution to aerospace and telecommunications, underscoring the transformative potential of its solar-powered aircraft technology in addressing some of the most pressing needs in these industries.