Immutable Games, a renowned leader in web3 game development, is gearing up for a major milestone with the announcement of experienced gaming executive Priya Keshyap as the new Executive Producer for the much-anticipated mobile game, Guild of Guardians, set to launch globally on May 15, 2024. This role solidifies Keshyap’s imperative to oversee crucial live operations post-launch, as the game already showcases over a million pre-registered players, positioning it as a key release in the web3 gaming space this year.

Bringing over 15 years of diverse experience from notable companies such as Animoca Brands,, and Facebook, Keshyap’s expertise lies in bridging the gap between traditional and blockchain gaming – a blend that Guild of Guardians aims to capitalize on under her leadership. At Animoca Brands, she played a pivotal role in incubating and scaling unique web3 projects, emphasizing partnerships and product development. Further, her tenure at was marked by her strategic leadership in launching casual games that culminated in significant global downloads, reinforcing her proficiency in moving large-scale projects from conception to live environment.

Keshyap expressed excitement about her new role, stating, “Guild of Guardians presents a unique blend of a thrilling roguelite dungeon experience with a robust web3 framework, which is primed for scalability. It’s the potential to pioneer features that excite me, especially as we look to redefine live operations within web3 gaming.”

The appointment comes at a crucial time as Immutable Games, backed by its gaming-specific blockchain technology powered by Immutable zkEVM and Polygon, prepares for the game’s global release on Android and iOS platforms. Guild of Guardians promises a blend of engaging gameplay, graphic excellence, and a rewarding system intended to attract not only existing enthusiasts of strategy and RPG genres but also newcomers to the blockchain gaming scene.

Guild of Guardians, in development since March 2021, allows players to immerse themselves in a fantasy universe where they can summon heroes, participate in adventures, and craft items within a community-driven ecosystem. The integration of a player-centric rewards system demonstrates Immutable’s focus on user engagement and retention, critical factors in the web3 arena, where the blend of gameplay and blockchain benefits presents new opportunities for player involvement and investment.

Furthermore, Keshyap’s role will extend beyond just production; she is tasked with strategically steering the game’s growth post-launch, ensuring that the gameplay remains engaging and that community feedback is integrally considered in ongoing development. Coupled with a powerhouse leadership team at Immutable Games Studio, which includes veterans from AAA studios like Riot Games and Blizzard, Keshyap’s direction is all set to harmonize with the innovative strides the company is known for.

As the gaming industry continues to explore the convergence of traditional gaming mechanics with blockchain’s potential, figures like Priya Keshyap are pivotal. Their extensive background and dynamic approach in leading projects could indeed mark a new era of gaming, one that fully harnesses the interactive and rewarding possibilities of web3 technologies.

With its user base eagerly waiting, Guild of Guardians not only exemplifies the next step in mobile RPGs but also solidifies the role of expert leadership in navigating the complexities and potentials of integrating blockchain technology into mainstream gaming. Pre-registration for the game has already begun, with incentives like free summons available to early sign-ups, setting the stage for a vibrant and engaged global community from day one.