In a decisive move toward equalizing healthcare opportunities globally, Shanghai-based medical technology firm United Imaging Healthcare has released its Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) report for 2023. The report, highlighting a comprehensive overview of its breakthroughs in sustainability and inclusivity, signals a significant push towards their aspiration of “Equal Healthcare for All™”.

United Imaging Healthcare, a pioneer in digital healthcare and smart medical systems since its inception in 2011, stands as a beacon of innovation, with an impressive accumulation of 4,134 patents. In 2023 alone, the company reported 1,118 new patent applications and 886 newly granted patents, underscoring their mission to drive the development of strong, sustainable health systems that transcend geographical and economic constraints.

The focus here is not just on innovation but also on meticulousness in quality and safety standards. Over the year, United Imaging advanced its commitment to product quality by updating 45 quality management policies and securing upwards of 700 product registrations and certifications, maintaining a stellar 100% audit pass rate that matches international standards.

Furthermore, the company’s commitment extends deeply into corporate responsibility and internal governance. By implementing 61 diverse internal control systems, the organization has fortified its transparency and accountability mechanisms. As part of their inclusivity effort, United Imaging Healthcare undertook broad equity incentives for 1,595 employees in 2023. This initiative reflects the company’s expanded workforce, which now totals 7,440 global employees. Remarkably, women represent 26.2% of this workforce, while R&D professionals constitute nearly 40%.

One of the most significant strides outlined in the ESG report is the company’s newly set environmental objectives. With 2023 serving as a baseline, United Imaging is committed to achieving a 50% reduction in carbon emission intensity for Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 2035. This ambitious goal highlights the firm’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and addressing climate change, a vital component of global health and well-being.

The expanded reach of United Imaging Healthcare is evidenced by its diverse operations, spanning continents with subsidiaries and R&D centers not only in China but also in strategic global locales including the United States, Poland, and Dubai. This extensive footprint is part of why the company remains a leader in not only championing but actualizing the concept of universal healthcare access.

By marrying technological advancements with strict adherence to sustainability and ethical business practices, United Imaging Healthcare is strategically positioned to tackle the inequities of healthcare access. Their efforts, as detailed in the report, bear witness to a maturing industry leader consciously crafting not only a healthier but also a more equitable future.

This progression is not just about expanding equitable healthcare but about setting a precedent for how companies can align cutting-edge innovation with broad societal benefit. United Imaging Healthcare is leading by example, showing how responsible business practices can be seamlessly integrated with ambitious growth and development strategies in the healthcare sector.