A groundbreaking docuseries titled “Underestimated: The Heroic Rise of Nonspeaking Spellers” is set to premiere on May 26, 2024, bringing to light the lives and challenges of nonspeaking individuals with autism and other neuromotor disorders who communicate by spelling. This series, developed in collaboration with the creators of the Spellers Method™, Dawnmarie Gaivin and Dana Johnson, and filmmaker Pat R. Notaro III, aims to change perceptions and advocate for the communication rights of nonspeakers.

Originating from the success of the documentary “SPELLERS The Movie,” the docuseries consists of five episodes, each 25 minutes long, that delve into various aspects of the lives of nonspeakers as they navigate everyday challenges using letters and keyboards to communicate. The episodes showcase their struggles, achievements, and the significant impact of the Spellers Method™ on their ability to interact with the world around them. Dana Johnson emphasizes the series as a sequel to a revolution that began with the documentary, aimed at transforming lives further.

The Spellers Method™ is a specialized educational approach providing individualized support to nonspeakers. It has been adopted by thousands, helping to break through the communication barriers faced by individuals diagnosed with conditions such as autism, Down syndrome, or apraxia.

Adding a unique touch to the launch, Golden Road Brewing, founded by Meg Gill whose daughter is a nonspeaker with autism, has collaborated to release a special “Get on Board” IPA. This beer, named after the letterboards used in the Spellers Method™, was developed with input from nonspeaking autistic individuals, marking a notable first in the U.S. A portion of the proceeds from the beer will support the Spellers Freedom Foundation Scholarship program, striving to make communicative techniques more accessible.

The premiere of this docuseries not only signifies a significant step in raising public awareness about the capabilities of nonspeaking individuals but also highlights the intersection of entrepreneurship and advocacy. It captures the essence of personal stories that challenge preconceived notions about disability and communication.

Scheduled for an exclusive virtual screening at Golden Road Brewery in Anaheim, the series aims to engage a wide audience through compelling narratives and personal triumphs. Viewers can access the episodes weekly on Underestimated.TV, with options for pre-ordering or purchasing the full series.

This initiative by the Spellers Method™ and its collaborators reflects a broader movement towards inclusivity and understanding in society, offering a platform for nonspeakers to share their voices and stories with the world. It is a testament to the enduring spirit of individuals and families navigating life with communication differences, and a call to action for society to recognize and support their journeys.