SumUp, the global financial technology giant known for its comprehensive suite of payments and financial services solutions, has significantly ramped up its commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives. In a bold move underscoring its dedication to sustainable practices, SumUp announced the creation of the ‘SumUp Forest’ in the biodiversity-rich Madre de Dios region of the Peruvian Amazon. This initiative involves the protection of 200,000 square meters of forest, as part of a collaboration with Wilderness International, which is dedicated to the preservation of critically endangered wilderness areas around the world.

This move aligns with SumUp’s history of climate action, which saw the company become the first major fintech to join the ‘1% for the Planet’ project in 2022. This commitment involves donating 1 percent of future net revenues from its SOLO card readers to support environmental causes. Continuing its proactive stance, in 2023, SumUp furthered its environmental initiatives across South and Central America, including its ongoing collaboration with StoveTeam International. This partnership focuses on assisting local entrepreneurs in producing and distributing clean-burning cookstoves, thereby contributing to significant reductions in carbon emissions and deforestation.

Moreover, SumUp is not only emphasising environmental sustainability but also placing substantial focus on educational and entrepreneurial support across various regions. The company has been actively involved in providing tech education to diverse and often marginalized groups through its partnership with the charity Generation, which has seen over 120 students across Chile, Brazil, and Colombia benefit from a three-month Java Full Stack development course since 2022.

Expanding its educational outreach, SumUp supports various cultural, musical, and educational projects in impoverished communities in São Paulo, Brazil, in partnership with the local charity Monte Azul. Meanwhile, further east, SumUp has amplified its collaboration with Dharma Life, an Indian charity aiming at rural poverty alleviation through entrepreneurship. SumUp supports Dharma Life’s ‘Lighting Up Young Minds Learning’ program, which annually brings technology-driven education to 10,000 children in rural India.

Felizitas Lichtenberg, SumUp’s Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion and ESG, emphasized that as a fintech organization, SumUp recognizes its social responsibility to foster community support and create equitable opportunities for underprivileged backgrounds. Lichtenberg’s comments reflect a growing recognition within the financial technology sector of the need to prioritize holistic ESG commitments that encompass not only environmental sustainability but also social equity and governance.

As SumUp continues to expand its global footprint—currently supporting over 4 million entrepreneurs in more than 35 markets—it sets an increasingly high standard for the integration of ESG principles in fintech. By actively supporting environmental preservation, encouraging educational initiatives, and fostering inclusive economic growth, SumUp is positioning itself not just as a leader in financial technology, but also as a pioneer in corporate responsibility. This strategic alignment of business objectives with societal and environmental goals is illustrative of a broader shift in global corporate strategies, where sustainability becomes integral rather than peripheral to business success.