In an innovative move towards greener and more economical living, Tilia Homes and Hopkins Homes have partnered with Octopus Energy to introduce an exclusive ‘Zero Bills’ tariff for a select number of properties. This groundbreaking initiative, available at Tilia Homes’ Landimore Park development in Northampton and Hopkins Homes’ Church View in Bramford, Suffolk, aims to alleviate the financial pressures of energy bills while promoting sustainable living.

The ‘Zero Bills’ scheme is underpinned by Octopus Energy’s Kraken technology platform, which connects to clean energy devices in the homes, such as roof-mounted solar panels, air-source heat pumps, and a home battery. This platform optimises the energy usage within these homes to ensure homeowners do not incur any energy bills.

Simon Gabbitas, Group ESG Director for both Tilia Homes and Hopkins Homes, expressed enthusiasm over the partnership, highlighting its timely response to the cost-of-living crisis. Gabbitas underscored the initiative’s dual benefit of providing cost certainty in an unpredictable energy market and fostering sustainable living practices across the UK.

This partnership reflects a broader commitment by Tilia Homes and Hopkins Homes to reduce carbon emissions and integrate innovative technology to boost the energy efficiency of their developments. The ‘Zero Bills’ homes come with the assurance of manufacturer warranties, a two-year guarantee from the housebuilders, and an extended eight-year warranty from the National Home Builders Council (NHBC).

Michael Cottrell, ‘Zero Bills’ Director at Octopus Energy, commented on the scalability of such initiatives for revolutionary homeownership. Cottrell points to a future where sustainable living is not just a choice but a standard, facilitated through advancements in renewable energy and technology.

The Home Builders Federation (HBF) ‘Watt A Save’ report supports these initiatives, indicating significant annual savings and carbon emission reductions for buyers of new build properties compared to older ones. The higher energy efficiency ratings of these modern homes are not only attracting homeowners but also catching the eye of mortgage lenders offering green mortgage products.

Octopus Energy’s ambitious plan aims to deliver ‘Zero Bills’ homes globally to 50,000 homeowners by 2025, with nearly 1,000 homes already accredited in the UK covering a range of tenures. This expansion signals a significant step towards large-scale implementation of sustainable living solutions.

For more information on the ‘Zero Bills’ homes, interested parties are directed to visit the Tilia Homes website, showcasing the innovative future of homebuilding and homeownership.

About the companies:

Tilia Homes, previously known as Kier Living, brings over 70 years of construction experience to creating quality homes and communities across England. Owned by Terra Firma, Tilia Homes boasts a strong presence in the West Midlands, with over 430 employees and a commitment to responsible development.

Hopkins Homes stands as the largest privately-owned housebuilder in East Anglia, building homes that reflect historical traditions with a modern twist. Known for its design and build quality, Hopkins Homes strives for sustainability and community support through various partnerships and memberships.

Octopus Energy, a global clean energy tech company, is redefining the energy landscape with its Kraken platform, leading the charge towards a green, affordable energy future. With a footprint in 18 countries, Octopus Energy is making significant strides in renewable energy investments and customer service excellence.