In a bid to streamline the often overwhelming process of home maintenance and improvement, Thumbtack has unveiled what it calls the most significant overhaul of its platform to date. Geared towards the modern homeowner who is poised to invest in their property for years to come but frequently stalls due to uncertainty on where to begin, this revamp introduces a suite of 30 new features designed to simplify and demystify home care.

The San Francisco-based company’s update is a direct response to a common sentiment among homeowners, with 68 percent admitting to delaying essential projects out of a sense of feeling overwhelmed. Thumbtack’s renovated app now offers a more bespoke and integrated approach, providing homeowners with guidance tailored to their specific needs, goals, and property details.

One of the standout additions is the Home Profile, which works as a digital counterpart of your home, recording essential details such as the address, features, and systems. This functionality forms the basis for AI-driven recommendations that take into account seasonal and weather-related considerations, promising to connect homeowners with timely, relevant advice and services.

Another noteworthy feature is the inclusion of Seasonal Upkeep Guides and Goal-based Guides. Drawing on insights from 80 million projects, these guides offer step-by-step direction on routine maintenance tasks and improvements across a range of goals, from enhancing curb appeal to energy efficiency. Early testing highlights their efficacy, with 80 percent of planned projects originating from these guides.

Expanding on the theme of tailored guidance, the platform now also integrates AI-powered search capabilities. Large Language Models (LLMs) have been employed to interpret user queries and match them with the most appropriate solutions and service providers, streamlining the process of finding the right professional for the job.

Beyond just planning and finding support for projects, the updated Thumbtack app simplifies the booking process. With Instant Book, users can now quickly move from planning to execution, securing the services of professionals across more than 100 categories at the touch of a button. The feature underscores Thumbtack’s ambition to solidify its position as an all-in-one solution for homeowners, bridging the gap between intent and action.

Moreover, the app strengthens the connection between homeowners and service professionals. Features like one-click rebooking and a virtual word-of-mouth tool not only facilitate ongoing relationships but also encourage community engagement, allowing users to share trusted pros with neighbors and friends.

The launch is a strategic move for Thumbtack in an era where digital solutions are increasingly sought after for managing home-related tasks. It reflects a broader shift towards a more integrated and user-friendly approach to home services, in a market that’s traditionally been fragmented and offline. With over 10 million 5-star projects to its name and a network of 300,000 local businesses, Thumbtack is positioning itself as a pivotal player in a $600 billion industry that’s gradually moving online.

The Thumbtack app is now available on iOS, with an Android version slated for release in the coming months, promising to make home improvement projects more manageable and accessible for a new generation of homeowners.