In an exciting development for the aviation industry, AeroMech Incorporated has announced the issuance of a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) facilitating the integration of SpaceX’s Starlink high-speed internet connectivity into King Air 200/300 series aircraft. This groundbreaking enhancement is set to revolutionize the in-flight experience for both pilots and passengers alike, offering unprecedented levels of connectivity.

The STC, approved by the AeroMech FAA STC ODA, encompasses an impressive 17 model variants within the King Air 200 to 360s range. Installation of the Starlink system will be handled by AeroMech’s wholly owned subsidiary, AMI Aviation Services, which is poised to serve customers at its facilities in Orlando/Sanford and Nashville/Smyrna. In addition, AeroMech / AMI is set to provide STC and PMA installation kits to any qualified Starlink installer or dealer, broadening the accessibility and implementation of this technology across the sector.

Starlink, operated by SpaceX, has rapidly gained notoriety for its expansive network of nearly 6,000 low Earth orbit satellites. This network is designed to provide low-latency, high-speed internet connectivity across the globe, overcoming the logistical and geographical constraints that have traditionally challenged consistent in-flight internet access. For the King Air series, this means living-room style internet speeds of up to 220 Mbps for downloads and 25 Mbps for uploads, fundamentally transforming capabilities for in-flight work, entertainment, and communication. What’s more, the system boasts minimal aircraft downtime for installation, as it’s a standalone system requiring only a power input, meaning aircraft can quickly return to operation with enhanced capabilities.

The significance of this advancement cannot be understated. King Air aircraft are utilized across a diverse range of applications, from business and luxury travel to critical medical and logistical operations. The integration of Starlink internet connectivity not only elevates the standard of travel comfort and efficiency but also potentially enhances the operational capabilities of these versatile aircraft. For instance, real-time data transfer and communication could support more effective emergency services and logistical planning in remote areas.

AeroMech’s Chief Operating Officer, Anthony Wiederkehr, highlighted the innovative partnership with Starlink, acknowledging the move as a “disruptive innovation in aviation”. AeroMech’s expertise in engineering, flight test, and certification services for aviation technologies makes it a fitting collaborator in introducing Starlink’s cutting-edge connectivity to the skies.

In a practical demonstration of this technology, AeroMech will showcase Starlink on a King Air 200 at the upcoming AEA Convention in Dallas, Texas. This event represents a unique opportunity for aircraft operators, owners, and industry stakeholders to witness firsthand the transformative potential of Starlink connectivity in enhancing the in-flight experience and operational efficiency.

The partnership between AeroMech, AMI Aviation Services, and SpaceX’s Starlink represents a significant leap forward in aviation technology and internet connectivity. As these installations begin to roll out across the King Air series, the skies are poised to become a more connected, efficient, and enjoyable space for all who traverse them.