In a significant move that underscores the growing importance of tradespeople in the modern economy, Intersport has announced the expansion of ServiceTitan’s role as the title sponsor for the ninth annual Elite Trades Championship Series (ETCS). This year’s competition aims to shine a spotlight on the skilled individuals in the auto tech, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing industries, offering them a chance to showcase their talents on a national stage. The event is not only a celebration of skilled labor but also a crucial step towards addressing the nation’s growing labor gap in these critical sectors.

The United States is currently home to approximately 15 million tradespeople, and the demand for skilled labor in trades has seen an unprecedented surge. This is juxtaposed against a backdrop of a significant shortage of skilled tradespeople, a gap that the ServiceTitan ETCS seeks to bridge by promoting careers in these essential industries. The competitions serve as a compelling platform to inspire future generations to consider trades as viable and rewarding career paths, while also acknowledging the critical work of current tradespeople.

Scheduled to take place from September 12-15 in West Palm Beach, Fla., this year’s championship promises an all-expenses-paid experience for about 50 elite professionals and apprentices. They will compete in custom-built arenas for a share of more than $250,000 in cash and prizes sponsored by leading brands, emphasizing the high stakes and the prestige associated with being named the top tradesperson in the nation in their respective fields.

The significance of the championship extends beyond the immediate competition. For instance, the previous iterations of the ETCS have successfully created a sense of community among tradespeople, fostering a platform where knowledge, skills, and experiences are shared. Moreover, the event’s ability to draw attention to the trades as a crucial sector supports broader efforts to enhance professional training, education, and recruitment initiatives.

Qualifying events for the championship are already underway, with more than 10,000 entries submitted by tradespeople eager to demonstrate their expertise. These rounds, which involve a combination of digital and hands-on tests, are designed to evaluate participants’ speed, skill, safety, and accuracy, setting a high standard for excellence in the trades.

In tandem with the championship, the ETCS will also host the second annual Student and Apprentice Trades Education Summit. This initiative underscores the event’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of tradespeople by providing them with an opportunity to learn from industry leaders, partake in networking, and witness the high-level competition firsthand.

ServiceTitan’s enhanced involvement with the ETCS as title sponsor reflects its mission to empower tradespeople through technology. As a leading software provider for trades businesses, ServiceTitan’s support for the championship aligns with its efforts to provide the tools and visibility these essential workers need to thrive.

As the competition moves forward, the partnership between Intersport and ServiceTitan promises to elevate the status of tradespeople nationwide, celebrating their indispensable roles in society while encouraging more individuals to explore careers in these vital industries.