In an exciting development for cycling enthusiasts across the globe, Saris, a leading manufacturer of bike racks, trainers, and cycling infrastructure, has just unveiled the latest additions to its acclaimed Modular Hitch System (MHS). The MHS, known for its flexibility and customization options, now boasts two new components that promise to enhance both the ease of use and safety for cyclists of all types: the MHS Ramp and MHS Lighting.

The introduction of these new components marks a significant step forward in Saris’ mission to cater to the diverse needs of the cycling community, including the rapidly growing segment of e-bike users. The Madison, Wisconsin-based company has a long-standing reputation for innovation within the cycling world, consistently delivering products that blend practicality with cutting-edge design.

The MHS Ramp, retailing at $189.99, specifically targets e-bike users, who often face challenges with loading and unloading their heavier bikes. Made in the USA, this ramp connects seamlessly with any MHS DUO Tray, allowing for the smooth roll-on of bikes weighing up to 80 lbs. It brilliantly extends up to 80 inches to accommodate hitches up to 32 inches high and is designed to collapse after use, ensuring it can be stored with minimal fuss. This is a game-changer for e-bike enthusiasts, addressing one of the key logistical challenges they face and making the cycling experience more about the joy of the ride than the hassle of getting to and from locations.

Equally groundbreaking is the MHS Lighting, also priced at $189.99. This lighting system answers a critical need for safety among cyclists, ensuring that even when transporting multiple bikes, the vehicle’s lights remain clearly visible to other road users. The MHS Lighting is compatible with all MHS bases and features a 4-Flat pin connection that powers a set of DOT-certified and FMVSS108-compliant powerful LED lights. These lights are designed to integrate seamlessly with the vehicle’s own equipment, supporting brake signals, turn signals, hazards, and taillights. The thoughtfully designed wiring fits within the MHS Base, keeping it secure and out of the way during travel.

These innovations underscore Saris’ commitment to making cycling more accessible and enjoyable for all types of riders. By addressing key concerns such as safety and the logistical challenges associated with transporting e-bikes, Saris is paving the way for a more inclusive cycling culture.

Saris’ roots are deeply engrained in the fabric of the American cycling landscape. The company’s dedication to producing products that meet the highest standards of innovation, quality, and customer support is evident in its wide-ranging portfolio, which caters to individual storage, transport, training needs, as well as public cycling infrastructure.

Alongside Saris’ own team of cycling advocates and professionals, C+A Global, an affiliate, plays a crucial role in driving innovation and growth within the brand. This collaboration focuses on identifying consumer trends and opportunities, ensuring that cyclists around the world have access to the very latest in cycling infrastructure technology.

For more information on the Modular Hitch System and Saris’ broader product range, cycling enthusiasts are encouraged to visit the Saris website. Here, they can also find their nearest Saris dealer, keeping the global cycling community connected through innovative and practical cycling solutions.