In a significant move poised to enhance healthcare efficiency within the US, Sensiva Health, a pioneering force in molecular laboratory services and diagnostics manufacturing, has announced a comprehensive partnership with PointClickCare—a leading provider of electronic health records (EHR) software predominantly used by nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities across the nation.

This collaboration sees the successful integration of Sensiva Health’s cutting-edge diagnostic services onto the PointClickCare (PCC) Marketplace, enabling a seamless, real-time display of patient results within the PointClickCare EHR system. This integration, named PatientSync, is designed to revolutionize patient care by providing immediate access to critical diagnostic data directly from Sensiva’s laboratories to healthcare providers using the PCC platform.

Ben Williamson, Chief Operating Officer of Sensiva Health, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, noting it as a transformative step for the PCC marketplace, which serves 80% of nursing facilities in the USA. Williamson highlighted that this new offering is particularly significant for facilities seeking advanced solutions for PCR testing, antibiotic resistance, and other diagnostics critical to effective patient treatment and care outcomes. Sensiva Health emphasizes an ‘outcomes first’ approach, focusing on precise treatments resulting in better patient outcomes.

The PatientSync feature offers multiple advantages to healthcare providers. Key features include the direct insertion of laboratory results into patient charts, real-time synchronization of resident data, and comprehensive reports on antibiotic resistance directly integrated into PointClickCare EHR. These features are designed to ensure accurate data handling, reduce administrative burdens, and improve the speed and precision of healthcare delivery.

Sensiva Health operates out of several strategic locations across the United States: its headquarters and Cormeum laboratory services are based in St. Rose, Louisiana; Sensiva Health Manufacturing is found in Maple Grove, Minnesota; client services operate out of Charleston, South Carolina; and its sales and marketing team is housed in Naples, Florida. Each location supports its “It’s not a sample, it’s a patient” philosophy, ensuring a personal and patient-focused approach in all services.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sensiva Health played a crucial role in providing rapid testing solutions, highlighting the speed and efficiency of their diagnostic capabilities with a turnaround time of 12 to 24 hours. Their strong partnership with UPS facilitated the swift nationwide distribution of these essential tests.

PointClickCare itself is an indispensable resource within the healthcare sector, offering EMR software solutions that seamlessly integrate a variety of software tools needed for modern healthcare practice. By hosting an app store-like platform, PointClickCare enables healthcare facilities to easily adopt new technologies, enhancing care delivery without intricate technical installations.

The integration of Sensiva Health onto this platform promises to not only enhance care coordination and results management for current PCC users but also sets a significant precedent for the intersection of healthcare technology and patient care efficacy.

For healthcare facilities and practitioners utilizing PointClickCare, this partnership offers an exciting opportunity to pioneer a new standard in integrated, patient-centered care, employing technology to streamline processes and enhance the quality of care provided to their residents.