Transforming Enterprise AI: Vapor IO and VAST Data’s Strategic Alliance

In a significant development for enterprise artificial intelligence (AI), Vapor IO and VAST Data have announced a pioneering collaboration designed to enhance and expedite AI deployments across various business sectors. This alliance marks a decisive step towards creating a comprehensive edge-to-core-to-cloud AI architecture, revolutionizing how businesses handle vast amounts of data and execute AI-driven decisions.

The Essence of the Collaboration

Vapor IO, known for its cutting-edge Zero Gap™ AI platform, has partnered with VAST Data, a leader in advanced data storage and management for AI, to create a seamless AI operational fabric. This collaboration integrates Vapor IO’s dynamic processing capabilities with VAST Data’s robust data platforms. The resultant product promises to offer flexibility, allowing businesses to customize AI solutions to meet their specific needs—addressing key factors such as cost, latency, accuracy, and resiliency.

Strategic Integration and Expansion

The integrated solution, a part of Vapor IO’s Zero Gap AI, aims to simplify the AI pipeline deployment, facilitating easier management and more effective utilization of AI technologies. Enterprises grappling with extensive multimodal data will find the combined offering particularly advantageous, as it provides an optimal configuration for data capture, training, and inferencing at the edge. AI operations can now be more dynamic, occurring concurrently at the edge and in centralized cloud infrastructures.

Cole Crawford, CEO of Vapor IO, highlighted the transformational potential of the collaboration, stating, “With VAST Data, we’re supercharging our Zero Gap AI platform, integrating the capabilities for AI operations to be more dynamic and efficient than ever before.” This enhancement not only aims to streamline deployments but also ensures that enterprises can generate real-time insights crucial for maintaining competitive advantage.

A Unified Vision for AI-as-a-Service

Both companies share a vision of delivering AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) that transcends traditional deployment models and physical boundaries, thereby facilitating the conversion of data into actionable intelligence. This vision reflects an understanding of the need for an agile system that can adapt to on-premises, near-premises, cloud, and multi-cloud environments. John Mao, vice president of Technical Alliances at VAST Data, expressed this shared sentiment, accentuating the agility and scalability of the joint solution.

Technology and Infrastructure

Central to the deployment of this advanced AI fabric is the technology provided by Supermicro, which serves as the hardware backbone, supporting both NVIDIA-powered GPUs and VAST’s data management capabilities. This synergy of leading technology firms underscores their commitment to delivering a robust infrastructure that caters to the needs of next-generation AI applications.

Future Prospects and Global Expansion

Currently operational across 36 major US cities, such as Dallas, Las Vegas, and Seattle, the technology is not just limited to national deployment. Plans for expanding into global markets are underway, promising broader horizons for the influence and utility of this collaboration.


The partnership between Vapor IO and VAST Data represents a significant leap forward in making AI more accessible and manageable for enterprises. By bridging the gap from the edge to the cloud, this alliance not only promises enhanced efficiency and customization of AI operations but also sets a new standard for how enterprises approach and implement AI solutions on a global scale. This collaboration is poised to redefine the landscapes of data management and AI application, guiding enterprises towards a more connected and intelligently automated future.